miscellany vol. 18

After a hectic two months, things are slowing down this week. Thank goodness! I don’t think I could’ve possibly worked harder than I’ve worked in march and april.

Around the house:

 Zu’s new pets—tadpoles. Bryan made the terrarium, with stuff from our creek. We found the tadpoles in a fountain at school and couldn’t resist.

This is science, right?

In the notebook:
I tried out a great revision exercise the other day—take two old poems that aren’t working, split each line of both poems in half, then take the first-halves of the lines from poem 1 and combine them with the second-halves of the lines from poem 2. A mash-up exercise. i did this with two poems that weren’t working and came up with one that, with a bit of editing, will work nicely.

The little one:
 Is potty-trained now! We hadn’t seriously tried before, and I am glad we waited because she was ready and took to it right away. The hardest part was how jealous june was—she did NOT like zu having the lion’s share of mommy’s attention for those first few days and wasn’t shy about letting us know. we are all happy though to have one less child in diapers in the house, and zu is very proud of being a big girl.

The littlest:
june has two teeth. She’s working on standing on her own, cruising everywhere, and babbling quite a bit. She still has amazing hair. Dancing is one of her favorite things to do, especially if she can get mommy, daddy or sister to dance with her. I love all those dimpled smiles.

and also:
Don’t forget to sign up for the chance to win a copy of Keeping Me Still in celebration of poetry month!

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