grateful for

green tea with wildflower honey and milk, chubby dimpled legs, a morning spent outdoors, a good talk with a couple we’d never met, dancing-spinning toddler-wild, hazelnut peanut butter on oatmeal bread, gap-tooth baby smile, clean cool water, honey-apple baby lotion, the interlibrary loan system, the spent-feeling of a long workout, conversations with my husband of our hopes and our dreams, coordinated nap and bedtimes, a shower at the end of a long day, gray foxes eating the catfood at the garage door, painting her tiny fingernails and letting her paint mine, finding just-the-book at the local library, hand me down tutus, my husband home before midnight in his summer workschedule, neat-stacked piles of fresh laundry, the everyday of it and the every single day of it.

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