This is my beloved and this is my friend (sol. 5:16)

10 years ago, I met bryan, a college freshmen, 18 years old.
9.5 years ago, we started dating.
8 years ago, we got engaged and
7 years ago, we married,
in Arkansas, his home-church, on a blistering hot day in august. I went All In. for the first time, I was truly shepherded, protected, cared for like Jesus cares for the church. Taken out of the cheap plastic planter and pushed into deep, rich soil. Seven years in, I’ve never felt more grateful for bryan. Who humbly is the servant-leader of our family, who protects us, guides us. I am thankful that he chose me, and that he chooses me each and every day.

got to snatch up the good ones young–we were 19 in this picture!

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