But I CAN’T Write!

You can’t write like I can’t sing, like I can’t dance, like I can’t cook pancakes. There’s a difference between being not very good at something, unpracticed in something, not used to something, and being incapable of it.

And if you are able to read this post, friend, you are likely able to write.

By writing, I don’t mean that you MUST write poetry, short fiction, novels. By writing, this just might be writing in a journal, a blog. Even if the idea of writing creatively—making things up!—scares you, you can start with what you truly know—your testimony, your life story, the life stories and testimonies of those around you—and that can not only edify you but those around you.

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to complain, and feel discontent when I write out my testimony and remember how very amazingly good God has been to me, a sinner, and how he has continued to be amazingly good to me.

And when I read or write out other’s testimonies, I rejoice in that they are my brothers and sisters in Christ—that we’ve all been adopted into God’s family, and that we’ll have eternity to learn each other’s redemption stories.

But I don’t want to completely let you off the hook—if you look at the bible, is it made entirely of testimonies? No! God is creative and uses a variety of genres—oh and guess what he uses a lot of? Poetry! Is there any better argument for the relevance of poetry? David, the man after God’s own heart, was a poet, a lyricist.

So those of you who say you can’t, who are scared, who think this isn’t for you—I want you to give it a try. Francis Schaeffer, whom I will be quoting frequently this month, puts it this way:

“Being in the image of the Creator, we

Writing is one of the more accessible of the arts—it takes little to no money, space, or specialized skills beyond your own mind and imagination. A risk-free venture—so why not?

This month we’ll offer suggestions that are beginning-writer friendly—this series is not just for writers who have been around the block a time or two. You may be surprised at how writing can help you internalize scripture and God’s truth in a way that you have not before.

31  Days


Five Minute Free-Write: What are your fears and hang-ups about writing?

8 thoughts on “But I CAN’T Write!”

  1. Oh my goodness, I am so glad you liked my comment – it brought me here! ANd everything I resonate with from your profile to your words, to Schaeffer …we sooooo need to stay connected! AFTER the 31, Rene! Our love for writing, faith, poetry and expression in Him…I just know we’d be hanging out having coffee chatting up a storm together!


  2. I, myself, am a writer and blogger. But it is so easy to get discouraged. When I look at the stats and realize that hardly anyone read. When I look back on a post and notice every little mistake. It’s times like those that I remember who I’m really writing for…


    1. yes, it is! i am a poet and i can tell you, not a lot of people read poetry–in fact, sometimes i tell people i write poetry and they tell me they Hate poetry! but God values our writing, and that is what matters


  3. I feel like I always need to write, and having a blog just gives me an outlet…at the same time I still have about 20 journals going at my house for various things, gratitude, prayer, general, journals to give to the kids when they are older. I love all that you are saying here!



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