miscellany vol. 20

After summer weather lingered seemingly forever this fall, we’ve finally got some crisp weather. june can hold her own at the park now, so, though she still calls herself “baaybee” while patting her own chubby little belly, it really feels like we have two toddlers now—I mean, “kids” even, which is strange!

It is much easier to leave the house though, and sometimes I just throw in a spare pull-up and diaper and a sippy for the girls to share and head out, without even a diaper bag (though NEVER without snacks—you don’t want them to get Hangry). I don’t know if I could even comprehend that when I was in my newborn-baby-mama days, and felt like I must pack the entire house to go out for five minutes.

So an update, on everyone:

Bryan is writing music still, but taking a somewhat break from his fever-pitch of creativity. I’m a little jealous since I’ve written not-at-all this month besides ramblings in a journal. He is also working-like-crazy this week, with his regular job plus a substitute teacher job, which means lots of mommy+the girls time but very little r+r.

Zuzu is starting to show a little defiance and a little pride in being the “Good Girl”. June was born defiant, but I’m not used to this with my sweet, rule-following zu. She can understand more and more (and more than we think) nowadays, so when she disobeys I try to explain more than I do with june (get down from the table JUNE!). I don’t think I’m doing a very good job of it, but I’ve also been trying to use discipline as an opportunity to point her to Jesus and grace—and to remind her that none of us are good, not even MOMMY (if that can be believed!), but because Jesus died for us, God looks on us and sees his Son’s goodness. Most of the time I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing with parenting—but I figure that as long as I love her and point her to Jesus, that is probably the best I can do.

June has finally stopped teething (for now…) so has been completely pleasant the past few weeks. She is still possibly the most stubborn child in the world, and we’re working with her on her tantrums, which are really more like protests—she doesn’t scream and flail, she just lays flat on her belly on the floor and says “NO”. sometimes I’m not even sure what the “No” is for—I might not be trying her to do anything at all. getting her dressed and changing her diaper requires muscle. The bigger and stronger she gets, the harder time I have trying to catch her, pin her down, and change her. I feel like I’m reading for a hog-tying competition after changing june every morning—at 6am.

As for me, I’ve not felt much like poetry lately, but I have been researching spiritual disciplines (which means, reading), and journaling. i’m mostly passionate about my projects right now—we’re redoing (cheaply) our guestbathroom—taking down wallpaper, painting, putting in new linoleum. It won’t be the fanciest in the world, but it will be much less ‘70s. my other project is the 50 Days to Simplify Your Home. I love this because it breaks down the monumental task of “reduce all of your belongings” into easy steps, one to tackle a day, and divides it into rooms. I didn’t think we had a lot of stuff until I started doing this—we’ve brought one carload of stuff to goodwill and I’ll likely have another ready to go next weekend. But my kitchen is divine right now—so orderly, so clean, so just-what-i-use.


So how is your family this week?

4 thoughts on “miscellany vol. 20”

  1. Love the updates on everyone! I’d love to see before/after pictures of all your DIY projects! I bet everything is looking fabulous! I’ve been meaning to email you back about decluttering…I will hopefully sometime this week! 🙂

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    1. well i think the bathroom will just look like a normal bathroom but it started off very badly so it will look fabulous compared to the hideous Before! its taking me forever though to do any house projects–after the bathroom, i have a whole lot of paneling to paint. oh my.


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