the everyday artist

A lot of people come into this Fancy Expensive Make-Up Store to play with the make-up—its expected—but these two thirteen year old girls were different–one was in a wheelchair, breathing apparatus strapped to her. Though Karen was working as shift manager at the time, not make-up artist, she went over to the girls, gave them make-overs—a sweep of eyeshadow over eyelids, a touch of lipstick, the right colors for their skintones.

That’s when the girl in the wheelchair told her how they’d come in that day because she’d had a test with not-so-good results. And she’d just wanted to feel like a normal girl for once—and Karen had helped her feel that way.

A couple years ago, Karen had someone in her life tell her that what she loved to do—to style, make-up, decorate, arrange–wasn’t important, didn’t make a difference, wasn’t “ministry.” She believed him. So she changed her major in college, changed her life. Now she’s back doing what she would do even if she wasn’t getting paid for it—lending an artistic touch to the everyday.

It is an art—arranging the perfect picture collage wall in a home, choosing the right color dress, styling hair just so—it is just an everyday art, an art we live in, so some don’t value it.

But to that little girl, trapped in her wheelchair, Karen practicing her art that day made all the difference.

Singers need to sing and painters need to paint. God may not have created you to be a preacher or a biblical counselor, but He will use you in whatever he has called you to do, whether you are recognized for it by the world or not.

I’m proud of my little sister, Karen, for practicing her art, what makes her heart sing, to the benefit of others.

3 thoughts on “the everyday artist”

  1. What a beautiful ministry! Yes!!! We all DO have our own special ministries…thank you for sharing this story and affirming those who have the non-traditional “ministry” to others!


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