10 Weeks!

Baby size? kumquat!

Weight Gain? None yet

Stretch marks?
Only fadey ones from past babies

Belly button in or out? in

Sleep? waking up some at night, but i’ve been pretty tired so I sleep when I can. sometimes I accidently fall asleep while watching the children. I woke up once last week with z. holding a flashlight to her eye saying “is this awesome mommy? Is this awesome?”. luckily b. is of work this month so he has picked up my slack!

Foods I am loving? Seafood and mushrooms. Cherry greek yogurt. Mashed potatoes with gravy.

Foods I am hating?
No aversions so far! I’ve been a lot less sick this pregnancy (yay!)

Best moment this week?
Z. asked if she could sing the baby in my belly a baby-song, so she sang “jesus loves me” then kept asking “did the baby hear that? did the baby like it?”. it was very sweet!

Movement? Not that I can feel yet, but the baby was wiggling like crazy at our last ultrasound

Symptoms? Very very tired. I’m so thankful that the last month of the first trimester falls during a time that b. and I have a lot of family time and time off—its allowed me to actually take naps. Other symptoms—I’m already showing a little (3rd baby!), I often feel nauseous if I don’t snack, and I can’t eat too many sweets without getting sick.

What I miss? My pre-pregnant energy mostly

What I’m looking forward to? The 12 week ultrasound—I can’t wait to see how baby 3 has grown!

Emotions: seeing the first ultrasound, reality started to dawn on me—that little squigglyworm is going to be a real-live baby before I can blink. if I think too much about the future and how we’ll manage a newborn, two year old and four year old (plus both working full time jobs), I get a little scared, so I mostly don’t think about that part. Closer to time, I’ll prepare—but for now, I’m just going to enjoy my sweet girls and husband and the new little life growing inside me.

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