sort of scared to homeschool

bryan and i have been giving a lot of thought and prayer to zu’s schooling for next year. when we found out that baby #3 (wendy!) is on the way, i thought “ok, that seals it, we have to send her to preschool–no way can i homeschool a 3 year old while taking care of a newborn and a 2 year old and working full-time online!”

but then the more we’ve talked and thought and prayed about it, the more we’ve begun to reconsider. we don’t feel like public school is right for our family (for lots of reasons–that is an entirely different blogpost!), but the private school we would want to send her to is pricey.

if we saved that money for a couple more years–like waiting to send her when she’s in kindergarten–we could save up for possible future babies, we could save up for the necessary inevitable minivan, we could fix some of the broken things in our house that we’ve been putting off…

so these are the things that sort of freak me out about homeschooling next year:

1) the lingo.
when i google “homeschool preschool” there are so many different schools of thought that come up–charlotte mason, Montessori, unschooling, etc. bryan and I weren’t homeschoolers, so this is all foreign to us.

2) socialization.
i have trouble organizing playdates because of bryan and my work schedules–he sleeps late because he works nights, i work a couple hours on campus in the morning, then there’s naptime, then he goes to work again–its just hard to coordinate with other moms. i think that we could possibly though get enough socialization in for the girls if we keep sending them to kindermusik, library storytime, and church small group. i’m still debating about this though.

3) being able to do it!
i’m worried that i’ll do a bad job teaching zu, that i won’t be able to teach her well enough or plan lessons well, with everything else on my plate.


i think i might possibly be over-thinking homeschooling–maybe intimidated by it because i’ve never done it–since i’ve met moms who tell me they just do stuff they find on pinterest and their kids seem fine. and kids go to school For-Ever–would it really hurt to wait til she’s 5 to send her off?

for me, I feel that my priorities with teaching zu right now should be:

1) about God (Grace, bible verses, what Jesus is all about)
2) basic life skills (dressing herself, cleaning up after herself, helping mama in the kitchen)
3) good social skills (be nice to sissy, don’t whine, etc)
4) alphabet letter recognition and sounds
5) art and music
6) observing nature

i’m sure i’m missing whole categories of things–this is just what seems important to me. maybe i should start doing some research….but where to start???

what are your thoughts on homeschooling in preschool?

8 thoughts on “sort of scared to homeschool”

  1. i know you’ve heard heather talk about charlotte mason–i’ll second it. Everything on your list is exactly what CM would be saying for this age. Those six things are hard, but so important; its what they need. And you’re right about school forever–so no rush. Education is Atmosphere & Life, too.
    We’re barely starting anything, but I have found CM to be so entirely grace-filled, more concerned with hearts (theirs AND mine) and Relationships than academics and that is entirely freeing. Its not about me doing enough work to get them educated. Its about me showing them the path to the very best books on every subject, and nature and art and Scripture and music–really giving them a feast for their mind and heart–and then letting them + the HolySpirit do the work. I love this.
    And let me know if you want some resources~

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  2. (although, I should say CM is not unconcerned about academics either–my mom used CM entirely with my younger sisters and they were reading all kinds of crazy hard stuff all the time. its just not the MAIN POINT.)


    1. i would love some resources–what books should i start with, to learn more about charlotte mason? it makes me feel a lot better that there is already a homeschooling philosophy/school of thought out there that matches up with what i would like to teach my daughters!


      1. The Charlotte Mason books I’ve really enjoyed are “For the Children’s Sake” and “The Early Years”

        I agree with Julie; I think what you want to do is pretty much CM. That said, my mom never had a particular schooling philosophy with us, so I don’t think you really need one, but it certainly helps me, personally, remember what my goals are.

        I’d imagine Julie would recommend those same books; they’re kind of the “primers” for Charlotte Mason preschooling.

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  3. For what it is worth, while Linds and I were not homeschoolers and while our kid is still a long time to school, we have bought into homeschooling for a lot of the same reasons. Please post more about your journey into it, as you’re a few years in front of us and I would appreciate your input.

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    1. i can definitely do that =) i’ve been really encouraged by moms who homeschool with kids a little older than mine–it seems a lot more possible, after talking to some of them about it. i think that a lot of the reason i feel so intimidated by it is that it is so foreign–i didn’t even really know many homeschoolers growing up.


  4. joining the conversation late, but wanted to add my meager 2 cents, from a veteran homeschooling mom who has not taught well or planned well but by God’s grace have children who have learned well. I have 5 and my oldest is probably your age. I started homeschooling after my third child was born I had 5 year gaps in between kids though so didn’t have the busyness you must have with all littles close together, but I took that time with my third newborn to read everything I could on homeschooling. And I love the resources that have already been suggested. I read For the Children’s Sake, and books by Raymond and Dorothy Moore, The Sonlight catalog, books by John Holt, (How They Learn and How they Fail), Ambleside online is a Charlotte Mason lesson plan website with a ton of free resources. I am now homeschooling my youngest(of 5) who is in 4th grade, she was in public school for 1st through 3rd, for a variety of reasons. We are now doing Classical Conversations which is worth looking into as well.
    Preschool does not need to be formal, read quality books, encourage curiosity, teach them along the way, and learn all you can about homeschooling. is a great website for quality educational toys and they also have grade level packages.

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