How To Make More Time For Your Writing (or whatever else!): Limit Media

So stop reading this blogpost and go write! Just kidding (sort of). Another way that I make more time for my writing is limiting my time on the internet, watching tv, and watching movies–probably the most obvious way to save time!


I don’t have a smartphone, unlimited internet at the house (we use a limited data plan, just for my work), or cable, so I don’t have much temptation to overuse media when I’m home. But, if you are like most people and Do have all these things, there are some ways you can try to cut back—

  1. Give up social media for a set period of time. If you have a writing project you want to complete, but find yourself on Facebook every five minutes, commit to taking a break from Facebook for a month or so. You won’t miss much (I promise) and it will be there when you get back. (this can work for Pinterest, twitter, or whatever site sucks up your time the most).
  2. Limit how many blogs / email mailouts that you subscribe to. I used to be really bad about reading too many blogs—i know blog writing is outdated, but I love it!—so I found that I saved a lot of time when I limited my blog reading to just my friend’s blogs and a few absolute favorites. Now I think I read maybe ten blogs or less, none of which update more than once a week or once a month.
  3. Don’t keep the tv on “for noise”. I know a lot of families that do this, though we have no problem with noise in our house (two toddler girls = lots of squealing). The problem with this is that you may walk down and get sucked into a HGTV tiny house marathon. So beware!

You would really be surprised how much time you have when you cut back on some of these other things. watching one or two TV shows a night might not seem like much, but what if you gave up one and used that thirty minutes to write a new poem? How much better is it to create something new rather than passively absorbing something created for the masses!

What are some ways you limit media?

6 thoughts on “How To Make More Time For Your Writing (or whatever else!): Limit Media”

  1. What you said, Renee – is what I keep trying to tell myself!! But, I keep responding “I’m on the computer ALL THE TIME” (or so it seems)…BUT – I am browsing and reading other’s blogs and browsing some more and checking my blog for comments…I don’t watch much TV; but in the evenings is usually the time my hubby and I watch something “together”; he has been good about “letting” me watch what I want – which, in reality, would be NOTHING most of the times! But, for “our time”, I sit there and we usually watch American Idol or Dancing with the Stars or a good movie on Lifetime or Hallmark channel. I KNOW my time-wasters, and just need to get it under control!!

    Thanks for sharing this…I certainly need to read it again and put into practice some things to get AWAY from the computer – Facebook, etc.

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      1. This is true; I have actually done that some in the past when I had busier days/weeks! Today, as well, since I am feeling pretty yucky!

        Thanks again for the ideas and sharing your thoughts!


  2. I love this post! I have been away from my blog for nearly two weeks – doing exactly that – writing! I just hopped on today to leave a short note explaining my absence, clicked into my reader and found this post – I had to click over as it was so perfect for me….but now I’m back to my writing!!

    Thank you for this encouragement!

    There really is only so much that we can do. And actually I am not missing my time away from blogs. I am missing reading, which is interesting.

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    1. that is great! i used to be really bad about reading a ton of blogs, but i found that focusing on my own writing was a lot more satisfying (though, of course, i still read other blogs from time to time–i’m just more selective!)

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  3. I used to have the same issue; I was subscribed to too many blogs and was getting overwhelmed. Now I’m only subscribed to friends’ blogs and, as you said, a small handful of blogs I really, really love. It’s been that way for about two-ish years now and I love it!

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