Book Notes: February

Ruth and Esther, the John MacArthur Study Guide
bryan bought this guide for me for Christmas, since I’m writing on Ruth right now. I love it. I thought it would be hard to get through—I’ve never tried a macarthur study guide before—but the questions and supplementary reading really expanded my understanding of the story and what I could learn from Ruth.

Your Family In Pictures by Me Rah Koh
I would recommend this to anyone with a nice camera who is looking for some basic tips on how to take good photos of her family. The pictures are gorgeous and she gives easy to follow instructions and tips on how to recreate similar affects with your own photos. I like how they used examples from amateur photographers too. If you’ve taken a basic photography class though, you’ll likely find most of the information too basic. (I did receive this book for free from Blogging for Books)

Faithful and Virtuous Night by Louise Gluck
I really admire how louise gluck always tries something different every book—her style shifts a little each time. while this is not, so far, my favorite of her books, I enjoyed most the persona of the artist, the long dream poems, and the prose poems. I did miss some of the biting wit of her earlier books.

Loving the Little Years & Fit to Burst by Rachel Jankovic
i’ve read these before but wanted to reread them—both are short books filled with short devotionals for moms of little ones. Short, but oh, they pack a punch! You know how some women adore Beth Moore bible studies? I adore Rachel Jankovic bible studies. Something about her writing style and way of applying scripture really makes things click for me. I plan on rereading these every year or so—both for the encouragement and the challenge they provide. If you want a taste of what her devotionals are like, she blogs HERE. (and fingers crossed she’ll write more books!)


what are you reading this month?

2 thoughts on “Book Notes: February”

  1. I didn’t know Louise had a new book out; I’ll have to get that one soon! I wasn’t too big a fan of that photography book, though (I also got a copy free from Blogging for Books)–I did take 2 photography classes, though, so maybe that’s why? I don’t know. I need to check their selection on BfB again!

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    1. i think it was good for a basic book–there wasn’t much in there i hadn’t heard already in photo 1 though.

      the louise book is a little different from what she’s done in the past, but definitely worth the read!



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