19 Weeks!

baby size:: 6 inches long, or heirloom tomato sized

foods i’m loving:  strawberries, chinese, grapefruit

foods i’m hating: food and i have a love-love relationship right now. 

best moment this week:: wendy was moving around enough for bryan to put his hand on my belly and feel her too–i’m hoping for a chance for zu and june to do that too, soon. 

gender:: a sweet baby girl!

symptoms:: tired, and my back/hips hurt when i do too much. we’ve been house-cleaning/fixing up quite a bit this week and i can only seem to get things done in little spurts of energy.

what i miss: my old energy and strength and being able to move furniture

movement:: yes, i’ve felt her moving much earlier than the other two, probably because my body is all worn out from carrying babies already

emotions:: a little stressed lately, we have lots going on with a potential state-to-another-state move and potentially selling our house and buying another house and a potential new job for bryan, oh just lots of potential things that we won’t know about for sure for another few weeks. also my side of the family continues with the ongoing drama/problems that i can’t do anything about anyway.

looking forward to:: warmer weather, being able to go on long walks outside

4 thoughts on “19 Weeks!”

  1. I’m so glad you love food right now! Your last pregnancy was so miserable in that regard, right?

    Exciting about the possible move, but I’m sure not knowing for sure what’s going to happen is driving you crazy. (Or it would drive me crazy, anyway!) 🙂


    1. ah it is!! bryan is in the interview process for a job that would be just perfect for him, and my job is going fully online (can’t even say how excited i am about that!), so we’re Poised for a move, we just need to know if he got the job or not =) this year i’m supposed to be learning more about “Waiting on the Lord” so i guess this is another great learning opportunity!!


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