a new adventure

In three weeks, we’ll be leaving our little Georgia town for the last time, moving states away to bryan’s hometown.

we’ve thought about moving there at least three times before–we’d stroll the neighborhoods near his parents house, picking out where we’d like to live. but we never seemed to end up there–instead we’d go to poetry grad school in the north or seminary in kentucky or the university job in rural georgia. now here we are, finally moving where we kind of always thought we’d end up.

it probably all seems pretty fast, but bryan and I tend to talk (and talk and talk) and pray and maybe scheme a little and deliberate just between the two of us for ages before we let people in on what we’ve got in mind. And what we’ve had in mind is moving.

suitcasesWe’ve loved this little Georgia town—we have friends here we’ll dearly miss, favorite places I’ll never forget taking the girls to as they’ve grown up the past three years (ridgeferry, honeymoon, downtown and riverside strolls). june was born here, zu said her first words and took her first steps here, we owned our first home here. We learned a lot about who we are in Christ here—I’ve seen bryan grow into a more godly husband and father, I’ve learned about hospitality, community, how to be a mother.

Over the past year and a half though, we’ve felt more and more God pulling us away from here—for many reasons, but what they all boil down to is that God hasn’t allowed the root-putter-downer in our marriage (bryan) to settle here the way he’s let me (the flighty one) settle here. I’ve seen it happening since we first moved here and its always made me think we wouldn’t be here forever.

So when my boss and the higher-ups granted my request to become a full-time online professor (did I mention that I have The Best Job Ever?), we saw that door to leave finally swing open. at first we thought we’d go one place, then another, but after seeking out some godly counsel and talking and praying about what our hopes and dreams are for our family, we knew that we needed to be where we (well, bryan) started—back in his little Arkansas hometown.

We put our house on the market, figuring it would take likely til summer to sell, and we’d have all those little logistical things (oh a home, a job for bryan, etc) sorted by then.

But our house sold in 4 days, to the first person that looked at it. who needed an april 10th closing date!

we’d planned on kind of hanging out in the doorway of our “open door to anywhere” that God gifted us with—just kind of teetering in the frame of it, peering out—but with our house selling, I think we’re getting a bit of a shove through, a get-moving (literally!).

we don’t have everything completely figured out—a few big question marks are still hanging around. but i know that i am thankful that my job has become even furthermore my dream job–a professor but also home with my babies all day. and bryan is excited about starting ministry with the church he grew up in. and both of us know it will be such a blessing for our girls to grow up with their grandparents being more than the people-seen-on-occasion–having them as part of their lives.

sometimes God calls us to take some risks and to not know all the steps before we start walking in them. and its sort of scary, but a good scary! So now we start our new adventure…

3 thoughts on “a new adventure”

  1. How exciting! Know that I will be praying daily for y’all as you make this transition. I had to laugh when you mentioned Bryan’s little hometown. Growing up in a town of 500 it seems like a big city to me! 🙂


  2. I’m excited for you guys and jealous of the innumerable date nights that will inevitably happen with both families so close. 😉 Oh, and I lovelovelove your new house…


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