24 weeks!

Baby size? as big as a cantelope! oh my!

100_8631Sleep? some nights good, some not so good—its hard to tell if its pregnancy really or if we just have a lot going on.

Foods I am loving? I feel like I could eat Mexican everyday—but pregnancy-heartburn makes me pay for it.

Foods I am hating?
nothing in particular! I’m a little tired of my old cravings—grapefruit and greek yogurt (not together). strawberries are good. Eggrolls and Korean beef are amazing. All soups are good.

Best moment this week?
She woke me up one night this week, kicking me like crazy. This was a good moment though because all in all she’s been the quietest easiest little thing; if my belly wasn’t out-to-there I would forget I was pregnant. I don’t have a lot of quiet moments to think and daydream about her during the day—not with the other girls and all the craziness of the move—so it was good to have that quiet time to daydream about this little girl I can’t wait to meet.

Symptoms? Some pregnancy heartburn, some hip-pain at the end of the day, nothing horrible. its getting harder and harder to carry june, and she’s not too thrilled with that—it makes her want me to carry her more (“down, down” she yells at me, arms held up in the air. She will NOT say “up” though she can. I say “june, say ‘up’, that is what you are asking me” and she says “no. Down.”). zu told me at church though that she has an idea—“when your arms are too stressed to carry june, put her on your shoulders and hold her by her feet!”. I haven’t given this a try yet though.

What I miss? I wish I could move furniture! And heavy boxes! if I work too hard I feel bad at the end of the day and have to put my feet up. I also hate unintentionally falling asleep, like an old person, right on the floor sometimes when playing with the girls.

What I’m looking forward to? Getting settled in our new home and in our new town!

Emotions: stressed, terrified, nervous, excited, eager, content, hopeful, expectant. I’m pregnant, emotions are what I’m good at right now.


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