miscellany vol. 21

It’s been almost a month since the Big Move and we’re settling in faster than I thought. We moved into the house two weeks ago and already it feels like home (possibly because of my crazy nesting hormones…we were unpacked in a week!). I love the neighborhood, I love the fenced back yard with actual grass (mostly clover but some grass anyway!), and that the driveway is flat so zu learned to actually ride her tricycle and that its so much easier to take the kids outside to play (without having to scale a mountain, like our old backyard).100_8667

I miss our friends though—what we want to work on in the next couple months is finding community here. We joined a church and have started visiting around with life groups. I’m not used to being part of a big church—it seems like they have something or other going on every night. But everyone has been really friendly and welcoming.

Bryan: starts his new job on Monday—it’s an entry level job, but the hours (oh the hours!) and the salary are better than what he had in rome. plus, he gets to be around people all day everyday, which he loves.

The girls: I started “homeschooling” the girls a couple weeks ago. We’re doing “God’s Little Explorers” (the cheapo free version). I’ve liked having a “curriculum” since it gives me a direction to go in, since I’m not naturally a super crafty person. it’s a bit of a weird time to start homeschooling, but the plan is to go until the first of july then take a couple months off after wendy’s born, starting back up again in September or October. it depends on the girls though—zu loves doing her homeschool lessons and asks me all the time “can we do more school?”.

June wants to be potty-trained, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for it—isn’t it supposed to be bad to start them right before a new sibling comes?—so we’re sort of half-way casually doing it. if she asks to go potty, we put her on the potty.

Zu has had a few moments where she’s cried, missing her old room or old kindermusik or old friends. Overall though, I think she’s settling in here—she (and june) love being close to family, she’s “the new girl” so very popular in her new kindermusik, and she likes playing in nursery at the church on Sundays.

I’ve been on the fence about sending them to mother’s-day-out at the church this fall. sending them or not sending them, neither decision is “bad”—which is what makes it hard. So really I just need to choose. On one hand, it would be nice to have a day with just me and wendy, so we can bond and I can possibly do some work. on the other hand, we plan on being pretty involved with this church and I don’t want our family to get over-scheduled.

As for me: I’m teaching an online class this summer and updating two online classes. Everything will be done by the end of june though, so I’ll have more time to do a bit more decorating in wendy’s nursery, and fold and refold her cute little onesies, so very tiny!

100_8674Being in the third trimester is no fun. I feel achey, big and awkward, and my hormones/emotions are just everywhere. It makes it hard to go out and meet so many new people because I just want to Introvert. I’m also the stage where I start wondering what in the world we were thinking, can we handle three, how can I appropriately parent and show grace and love to three kids so close in age, is this fair to the girls to give them another sibling so soon, etc. its also the stage where bryan and I agree that this is our LAST BABY (until this “last” baby is a year old and we get baby fever real bad and I’m pregnant again). but I am ready to meet this little girl—I can’t wait to see if she’s got eyes like zu or hair like june—or if I finally have a baby that looks a little like me!

This month I’ve finally managed to start getting up before the girls in the morning! it means waking up at 5, but it gives me about an hour to read and pray and write. writing poetry is part of my “quiet time” in the morning, so I’ve been pretty productive lately with that—I finished the first draft of my second manuscript (just a draft—I plan on editing it for the next year before I even think of sending it anywhere).

So on into summer! Time to go find four leaf clovers and play with whirligigs.

2 thoughts on “miscellany vol. 21”

  1. Wow, I’m impressed you’ve joined a church so quickly! I hope you can find community there and feel settled. Bravo to you for getting up before your girls, too!


    1. we’ve actually visited the church quite a few times before moving there–its bryan’s parents’ church and the one he grew up in. when bryan and i were first dating, there’s no way we would’ve gone there, but over the past ten years, they’ve become a really good church (with lots of church planting, which we love!).


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