36 weeks!

36 weeks, with kids hitting each other in the background

Baby size?  honeydew! though its hard to believe she isn’t bigger than that

Sleep? I wake up every two or three hours, I’m very restless

Foods I am loving? Watermelon, greek yogurt, cherries

Foods I am hating? nothing in particular, just watching out for heartburn-causing foods

Best moment this week?  we’ve had an overall pleasant week–i kept things pretty quiet and simple, just outdoor play (when it wasn’t too overly hot) and lots of reading and imagination time.

Movement? More than either of my other two girls! It looks like there’s an alien or parasite inside of me, its crazy how hard she kicks and moves around in there. She’s a strong baby!

Symptoms? Heartburn, hip-pain, sometimes short on breath

What I miss? Wearing normal-people clothes, not feeling so conspicuous and huge, being able to keep up with my daughters a little easier, being able to sleep on my stomach.

What I’m looking forward to? Having this baby! I can’t wait to introduce her to her sisters—I hope that they love her and that we can transition well to a family of 5.

Emotions:  a couple of weeks ago I woke up around 3 in the morning thinking of all the things I still needed to do to get ready. I like to have an organized little “Baby station” in my room since the baby will stay in her bassinet beside my bed for at least the first couple months, and I hadn’t set that up. I haven’t yet packed a hospital bag and i still have a few freezer meals i’d still like to make, but, with a month (or more…hopefully not more..) left, i’m sure i’ll get to it. There’s no feeling of Deadline like a Due-date.

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