Indoor activities for rainy (or too hot) summer days: for toddlers / preschoolers


  • Make-up: I park the girls on a towel in front of a mirror in their room and let them to go town with real make-up. not mine—they have their own bin of cast-offs from my sister who works at a fancy make-up store. We wash it off, of course.
  • Indoor Easter Egg Hunt: we bought some cute forest easter eggs last easter, so occasionally when the kids are very stir crazy, I pull them out and have an indoor easter egg hung. Usually I only put candy in some of them, but that is enough to get them excited
  • “gold doubloon hunt”: I cut some circles out of yellow construction paper and hide them like an easter egg hunt. The twist is that I give them “pirate-y” clues as to where the doubloons are (for example: “if a doubloon my maties seek, they ought take a peak where they sleep”
  • Homeschool: we’re working through “God’s Little Explorers” til the end of June, then taking July, August, and maybe part of September off, to accommodate our new addition. I like this homeschool plan because it gives me lots to do with the girls indoors (and out sometimes too) and it feels like a good baseline I can build off of.
  • Basics: playdoh, coloring, and painting are all favorite activities for my girls—especially painting, though it can get a little messy sometimes.
  • Drama: sometimes we put on little plays of biblical stories. The girls enjoy this. I used to do “puppet shows” where I’d take their stuffed animals and pretend like they are puppets over the top of the couch.
  • Camping: zu has a bunk bed, so we put sheets overtop it to make a tent then pretend to go camping with flashlights and stories

Of course we mostly enjoy playing outside during the summer; I take advantage of the cool mornings and try to have my kids outdoors by 7:30 or 8 (we wake up early anyway) so they can at least get some morning time play in, even if its too hot to play outside in the afternoon.

What are some fun activities and games you like to play with your preschoolers and toddlers when it’s the summer weather isn’t cooperating?

2 thoughts on “Indoor activities for rainy (or too hot) summer days: for toddlers / preschoolers”

    1. These are great ideas! We also do playdough, lots of different types of blocks (we have architectural blocks, colored blocks, and legos). The kids and I also play lots of board games. Some of our favorites include The Clothespin Game, Build a Robot, and Junior Rummikub. If you have a large roll of paper you could also trace the girls on the paper and then let them color the paper. 🙂

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