Waiting For Wendy (a little interruption of the blogging maternity break)

The doctor says that despite this being my third baby, Gwendolyn Mae won’t be making her appearance anytime soon (that they can tell anyway). She’s due in 6 days but the doctor and nurses tell me not to be surprised if I go over. So really I have likely two weeks, not one, and I’ve been READY for her for the past two or three weeks already. Bryan and I talked about what day of the week we’d want me induced if it comes to that, and he said Monday so we’d have the weekend to prepare and to that I said what in the world could I possibly do to prepare more? This is how I’ve prepared, since June:

  • Decluttered our entire house (again. 4 bags trash, 2 bags donations, using the KonMari Method)
  • Reorganized Photoalbums
  • Organized Nursery (bought diapers, wipes, set up nursing stations in master bedroom, washed baby clothes, etc)
  • Packed outside and inside freezers with freezer meals (at least 12, maybe more than that, lost count)
  • Ironed all clothes in Bryan’s closet
  • Consistently reading 4 – 6 books per week (not counting them, just going through them)
  • Tried out 5 (and counting) new recipes this week (Family Feasts for $75 a Week – bought it I loved it so much)
  • Finished Draft 3 of my 2nd poetry manuscript
  • Sent out 8 submission packets to literary magazines
  • Scheduled a couple months worth of blog-posts from the archives (for you, dear readers)
  • Started Journaling
  • Learned to Fix Hair in Boho-Braid Thing
  • Opened a Consignor Account at local Consignment Shop
  • Made Keep-Older-Siblings-Occupied bags for when nursing Wendy
  • Planned a Post-Baby New Family Budget (with Bryan, since that is his thing)

And everyday we finish our homeschool lesson, I clean the house top to bottom, I read the girls 2 or 3 chapters in the chapterbook we’re working through (Sea Star, Orphan of Chincoteague) and I take the girls out on a morning outing.

I’m getting a little tired of reading so much, so cooking new recipes has been my favorite pre-occupation the past few days. I’m tired of my uncomfortable inconvenient body—playing with the girls on the floor, picking up the girls, chasing the girls around the house have all become difficult and leave me sore (even June has started saying “oh, my hips hurt!” copying me).

I suppose I could go “out” to activities more but I’ve not felt much like being around People (my family does not count as People in that sense), since I get all those lovely unasked for comments on how enormously ridiculously pregnant I am (going to pop any day now, eh?)(and: having twins?)(and: wow, is this your first?). Plus all the tips on how to get labor started and what to do in labor (please! Third baby, people!) and how having a third is basically hell (“but you’ll love it! but its really REALLY HORRIBLE. Seriously.”).

Mainly, I suppose my focus has been on getting my ducks in a row before throwing in another duck(ling) and in trying my best to make my girls and husband feel loved and appreciated and taken care of as much as I can, before baby#3 gets priority for a little while (filling up those “love tanks”, as they say).

So, in my rambly sort of way, just wanted to give an update on how the anticipation is making me crazy—like I’m a runner at the starting line of a long hard race just waiting waiting waiting for the whistle to blow and to be off! Teetering on the cusp of a new and hard and wonderful thing.

9 thoughts on “Waiting For Wendy (a little interruption of the blogging maternity break)”

    1. Wow, this is exactly what I needed to read! I have felt more like an inconvenience and that I am stressing people out by “taking so long” to go into labor. This is helpful, thinking of it as an essential stage


  1. I hope they’re wrong! I can imagine how uncomfortable it is– and ditto to what Julie said– I don’t think I’ve accomplished as much this past year as you accomplished this past year. 🙂 Love and prayers for you, my friend!


    1. That should say: “I don’t think I’ve accomplished as much this past year as you accomplished this past MONTH.” 😀


  2. Yes I am definitely feeling under accomplished after reading that list!! 🙂 Crazy what nesting and pregnancy can do for you. Wish I was there to give you a big hug and take the girls for the afternoon so you could take a nap, a bubble bath, or go on a fun date. The last few weeks it is so hard to be patient!



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