What’s In The Bible?

Bryan J Emerson

A simple question that every Christian has asked, and that every Christian needs to know: What’s in the Bible?  The narrative of the Bible is rather simple, but the meta-narrative can be easily overlooked.  People can get bogged down by the minutiae and fail to see the whole picture.

Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, strives to answer this question as fully as he can while also trying to reach the youngest of audiences in his thirteen-part children’s series called “Buck Denver asks ‘What’s In The Bible?'”.

Each of the thirteen DVDs in the series include two episodes as well as some bonus features, often including new animated shorts or relevant segments from previous episodes.  The twenty-six episodes (just perfect for a one episode a week per school year or one disc a week per semester schedule) cover the entire Bible, explaining not only the content, but how each of…

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