book notes: end of summer


Never Say No by Mark and Jan Foreman
The Foremans are the parents of Jon and Tim Foreman, the lead singers from the band Switchfoot. I liked that this book was not so much an advice book, but more a “how we went about raising our kids” type book. The first section of the book was my favorite—mostly about being present with your kids, enjoying them, letting them take risks. I also liked the chapter on limiting technology and getting the kids involved with the home in chores, etc. I did have a few disagreements with their strategies, but overall I thought this was good for parents who are trying to raise creative kids and aren’t afraid to go against the mainstream way of doing things.

Design Mom: How to Live With Kids, a Room-by-Room Guide by Gabrielle Stanley Blair
Though my kid are all younger than this authors’ kids, I still enjoyed reading her tips and looking at the lovely pictures. There were some things that she advised that would not work for our family, but some things that would—I’ve been trying this year to give my girls as much independence as I can, so I loved her ideas for hanging clothes where they can reach them (right now we use a stool, which is fine for zu, but I might install hooks at June’s level so she can pick out her clothes too).

Love the Home You Have by Melissa Michaels
I barely finished this book—just skimmed it really. I thought it’d be a book I’d love, but the advice was stuff everyone has heard before and the writing style was much more “bloggy” than it should’ve been. I think this book would’ve been more interesting if it were instead a design book—glossy pages, pictures of examples—rather than an advice book. or maybe some sort of mix of the two, like Nesting Place by Myquillan Smith.

Reading Novalis in Montana by Melissa Kwasny
lovely vocabulary and imagery. The first section of the book was my favorite, since it had such a sense of Place (seems like it should, with the title!). the last section was my least favorite mostly because I sometimes tire of reading poems about greek mythology, and it seemed like an odd fit with the poems that were so much more personal earlier in the book.

Thin Skin by Drew Myron
her press did a beautiful job with the book—it’s a mix of photography and poetry. She tends to use ocean imagery and to write about relationships; my only criticism is that I wished for come more concrete details at times, things that were more specifically and not universally applicable.

For the Girls:
Uncle Wiggly’s Storybook
A Child’s Anthology of Poetry
Charlotte’s Web
Stuart Little
Little House on the Prairie

2 thoughts on “book notes: end of summer”

  1. Love, love your book reviews every month! I always find a lot of great recommendations. 🙂 I was really disappointed with Love the Home you have as well. Wow have you ever read the girls a lot of books this month on top of having a newborn! Great job mama!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha thanks! well these are mostly reviews from books I read in July–I read a TON right before having Wendy. though I have read some good novels while nursing…more reviews to come 😉


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