miscellany vol. 22


it’s been awhile since my last update–i’ve had my hands full (pictured above)

so here’s a little family update–

Bryan is still enjoying his new job and has started playing guitar in the wednesday night praise band at church

Zuzu loves being a big sister (or “little mama” sometimes) to wendy. she’s learning lots in her little 2-day-a-week preschool (like how to hold her pencil with an “alligator chomp”). both of the big girls have been in our church’s preschool for the past month, and they love it, but i’m dropping them down to one day a week starting next week. i really struggled with that decision and might go back to two days a week, but ultimately i felt like our schedule was too hectic when they were gone all day two days a week (plus, i missed them!). so we will see how it goes! if i can’t get my work done, then we might have to go back to two days–or have a little extra help from their awesome grandparents =) anyway, zuzu is my little extrovert, so all the church involvement we’ve started this fall has suited her just fine.

June is so very ready for potty-training, but i am not! i feel like the worst potty-trainer in the world because of all the difficulties i’ve had with training zuzu. i suppose i’ve got to get over it and plunge ahead. ah and ready myself for cleaning up accidents, so oh so many accidents.

Wendy is supposed to get on a schedule this week. she’s a little over two months old, so nursing every two hours needs to stop. i honestly haven’t tried to schedule her at all until today though, and she’s taking to it (so far..) pretty well. the ultimate goal is to have a schedule for all three that meshes together–and provides a 3-child-coordinated naptime every afternoon (one can dream…)

As for me, i’m teaching online and keeping my head above water. I did reread “the old patagonian express” by paul theroux–a nonfiction travel book about taking a train from boston to patagonia. and some various poetry books. not much writing right now, though i plan to get to it soon–in the next month or so. right now i’m giving myself a little leeway with expectations

1 thought on “miscellany vol. 22”

  1. There is nothing wrong with Wendy wanting to nurse every two hours although it can be frustrating if you are feeling pressured to get lots accomplished in your day. 😉 Some babies just like to nurse every two hours and some every three. Breast milk breaks down a lot faster than formula does so she will be hungry a lot sooner than if she were drinking formula. Breast milk actually breaks down in 90 minutes.



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