a state of the poetry update

so, instead of cleaning the bathroom toilets, i am writing this blogpost with an update on my writing. (i am therefore also writing this blogpost instead of writing poetry…).

wendy is almost three months old and i don’t plan to really write until she is six months old. mostly because my Hormones make me crazy until around then (if this time is like the past two times–it is hard to see the crazy when you are experiencing the crazy personally though. but bryan says i control it–or hide it–much better this time around).

and i know “crazy” is supposed to be good for poetry, theoretically, or art (cutting off ears, etc, craziness), but for me it really isn’t so good for my writing. i write complete Mush. the sappiest mushiest slush poetry you have ever seen.

so i’m writing, very slowly, this one poem about a spider right now, but i’m only casually working on it here and there with no plans of it really going anywhere.

before the baby came, though, i did get my second manuscript together. interested?

a few facts:

  • the working title is “Threshing Floor”
  • it is all persona poems
  • in the voice of Naomi (primarily), Ruth, Boaz, Orpah (from the biblical narrative of Ruth)
  • somewhat modernized, in today’s “world”
  • i’ve published probably 30 – 40% of the poems (see links HERE)
  • themes of barren and fullness, family, questioning God’s will, predestination, being a mother, a daughter, a wife

i sent a book proposal to a press about a month ago, but suspect i’ll get a “no thanks” pretty soon. my plan is to start sending it out in the spring–i don’t feel a rush to publish it. in fact, often, cleaning the toilets feels more important. i guess i feel like poetry takes so much philosophy and delving deep into what’s going on with my soul and right now my days are completely bent around caring for the immediate physical needs of others (and speaking some Gospel into this house at every chance, we need it!).

i have been reading though and i do believe “reading is writing” (truly!). so maybe the poems will come again soon or in a month or in six months. i’m not afraid to wait–there’s no escaping who you are really.

1 thought on “a state of the poetry update”

  1. I love this, Renee, especially what you said about not escaping who you are. I also really appreciate your honesty about postpartum hormones. I deal with a lot of emotions all the time without even having had a baby recently, and it’s really comforting to read about another Christian woman who has struggled off and on, too. 🙂

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