basically, my typical letter to editors

Dear Editors,

I admire your press / journal, and since it has been some months past the indicated reading response time in the submission guidelines, I wanted to check in with you on my submission. I realize that you are likely drowning in a slush pile, mine being part of that slush, and haven’t even seen it yet, or you have seen it and don’t like it but haven’t sent out the rejections yet, in which case I’m sorry to have bothered you. You can disregard this email; in fact, maybe delete it without reading the entire thing? Or opening it? I’m so sorry to have bothered you, and I hope this email has not annoyed you too much. Thanks again for reading my work, if you did read it, and for reading this email, if you did read it; I love your press/journal/organization and wish you all the best!

Sorry again!

all the best,


bryan says that i suffer from a little bit of insecurity and timidity with sending out my writing; that i could stand to be a little more “bold”. i suppose i could edit out half the apologies.

did i mention that my hands sweat when i write these letters?

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