an invitation to poetry


I love the feeling of finishing the poem. when I finally get that title right, find the right image, and the ending clicks-closed.

As I’ve started timidly sending out my second collection (or, honestly, just really thinking and thinking on sending it out), I’ve felt like it is another rose petal to throw into the grand canyon, what difference does it make really?

then I write my first poem in four months or so and the first thing I really want is someone to read it. because poetry is communication and should be read.  I want someone to read it and say “oh, me too. I feel like that too”.

But I hardly ever have someone read a poem when it is fresh-written and by the time it is published (if ever) and put in a journal and linked online, that I-just-wrote-this feeling is past and I’m onto something else, maybe an entirely different book and direction of poems.

If you’d like to read some fresh-written poem-drafts let me know in the comments. I’d be happy to email them to you just to feel like a real-live person (besides an editor—are those real people?) is reading them (no critiques, compliments or responses required).

8 thoughts on “an invitation to poetry”

  1. I would love to read them RENEE. Hope little June girl is feeling better. Your children are all so
    precious Thanks so much for dinner last night.
    Love you all,

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  2. I would be happy to read your work!

    I certainly understand that feeling of ‘finishing’ a poem. When that click happens and you step back and go, ‘Ah! That is what I was trying to say!’ I’m so very close to that on the poem I’m working on right now. When it came down to fighting a punctuation mark and questioning just two words, I felt it best to set it aside for a day or two. Perhaps then those things will sort themselves out…

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