three poems in foliate oak

i have three Ruth/Naomi poems in the recent issue of foliate oak literary magazine: “the maidservants,” “threshing floor,” and “boaz watching ruth in the fields.” 

with “the maidservants,” i attempted to highlight the very real danger ruth faced when going to gather in the fields (thanks to a study guide and a little imagination).

“boaz watching ruth in the fields” is boaz’ perspective on the same event–i don’t use his voice much in this book, but, when i do, he is always looking at ruth

“threshing floor” is ruth’s perspective, going home after the night spent on the threshing floor, at boaz’s feet. ruth’s voice is the second-most-heard in the collection i’m working on, and this a pivotal moment in the story.

it is good to see these Naomi poems finding a home; i wrote most of them in a fury-of-writing last december, then filled in the gaps during this last year.

in many ways, this is my most original work–i’ve not had critique, aside from remarks here and there from my husband, i’ve not had workshop. not saying that is a good thing–it’s just my phase in life (three babies in four years!) lends itself to isolation, especially artistic isolation. and i think it makes me feel a little more vulnerable sending these poems (and the collection) to editors–i don’t have any stamps-of-approval from other writers. and maybe that is something i’ll need to work on before the collection as a whole finds its home.

if you are interested in reading more naomi poems, i’ve linked a few in the “poetry” section of my blog.


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