acknowledgements page

i would like to thank, first of all, my baby for taking a two-hour-long nap today so that i could work on editing these poems. and my four and two year old children for staying in their room (under only mild threats) during nap time, despite not being tired At All. and my husband, for working all day long dealing with people (which is horrible) and insurance (even more horrible) while i stay home with the kids, on in-between semester break from my online teaching job (which is wonderful). i’m grateful too that my family doesn’t mind a not-perfectly-clean house, or that i haven’t finished the dishes, or the crumby floor, or that pile of laundry giving me the stink-eye from the corner of my bedroom. thank you friends who read my hastily emailed unedited poems because, even when you aren’t really reading poetry, you read my poetry. thank you husband for not minding that i didn’t take the time for make-up or hair-fixing today because i wanted to write more than i wanted to be “pretty”. thank you other poets who have written other books, which inspire my book, with all their unexpected images and turns of phrase. i’m grateful for all of you. without you, poetry would be impossible.


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