praying for patience? try this.

  1. help a 2 year old put on gloves (not mittens. Gloves.)
  2. Potty Train. (and night-time potty train)
  3. let a 4 year old seat-belt herself
  4. let a 7 month old “feed” herself eggs  / yogurt / cottage cheese (i.e. wipe it all over herself and everything)
  5. plan to take a shower “when things are quiet today”
  6. at dinner, before you eat, get your child a new fork because she dropped hers. then get the other child a refill on water. then get the baby more cherrios. then change the baby’s diaper. . . . at some point, eat a cold dinner
  7. go through every disney character until we figure out which is the “fish from Ariel with the song” who is yellow and her friend (flounder? “no, not him.”). and they haven’t even seen this movie.
  8. get up in the night to feed the baby, an hour later sooth the toddler an hour later change the bedsheets an hour later…
  9. reheat the coffee. reheat the coffee again.
  10. listen to the same joke x 1000

when we pray for a new skill, God gives us opportunity to hone it, right? PatiencePractice.

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