1. reading A Thousand Vessels by Tania Runyan, a book of poems that borrows the voices of ten different women of the bible (Esther, Eve, Sarah, etc). ah it is good. it is the same style as the book i am working on about ruth, but, dear, much better. maybe my book will get there someday.
  2. i celebrated a “big” birthday this week. it was actually my best birthday in years–we are new-ish in town, only having lived here less than a year, so i didn’t expect parties and cakes and presents, but that was what i got! the best thing about this is feeling maybe a little bit like we are putting down roots
  3. speaking of Age, my sister the sephora-manager, sent me some of This because she gets things like that for free but is obviously too young to need them. and i love it.
  4. i have a newfound love for gardening. we’ve had lovely weather the past week and, as part of the Charlotte Mason way, we’ve spent just about every waking hour outdoors. while the girls play (and try to eat leaves, baby wendy), i’ve been planting. our yard, when we bought the house, was desolate–no one had lived there for years–so this year, being not hugely pregnant, i thought it would be a good time to dig in and start something. i’ve planted blueberry bushes and hydrangea in the back yard, forsythia, wintergreen, hydrangea and lilies in the front. i’ve a few more shrubberies to plant in the front (azaleas and wildflowers). i’ve loved it so much though i’m considering Actual gardening–growing useful things like Food. but i am still a little wary and intimidated by it. perhaps if these flowers and shrubs don’t die, i will try a little more.

2 thoughts on “miscellany”

  1. Renee so glad you had a nice Birthday..and I am so proud of you to be planting flowers in your yard. I think a vegetable garden would be wonderful, especially tomatoes if they could get lots of sunshine. Cucumbers, squash, green Onions, would be easy to grow; also if you like okra, it grows so tall and bears all summer. It is hard work and needs good soil and fertilizing but it is so rewarding. Love you all, Meme

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