How to Throw a Banging Book Launch Party for Under $100

some great tips on a book launch…which i suppose i should be thinking about for this fall

The Sundress Blog

You dreamt of Carrie Bradshaw’s book launch party (with the little shoe cakes!) and now it’s time for one of your very own. How can you make it happen on a shoestring budget? Read on.

1.) Don’t hold your book launch party at a bookstore. It may have been your dream to do this as a kid. Ignore that urge. Many shops book up months in advance and can only be bothered with New York Times bestselling authors, or are in townships with weird fire codes that prevent too many folks gathering in one place. In short, it may be tough to get in.

Also, books are a bookstore’s main business. So you will be sharing your profits with them. This is not usually a bad thing, but if you are trying to keep costs for your party down, it doesn’t help. If your book sells for $10, you may…

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