book notes

i am woefully behind on these..not sure if i’ve even posted one this year! so i’m going to do a quick run-down on books i’ve been reading (and some i received for review…and forgot to review….)

Princess Joy Sticker and Activity BookSeries: The Princess Parables
My kids enjoyed this because of the stickers, but I think our copy was missing a page because the plot made no sense to me! I think that there was supposed to be a moment where the princess decides to give away her birthday gifts, but it skips that and all of a sudden everyone has presents. since my kids don’t read yet, i just made up the middle part for them and it was fine. the books may be worth checking out Before the sticker book! (i received a copy of this book for review)

I’m Happy for You (Sort Of…Not Really): finding contentment in a culture of comparison by Kay Wills Wyma
ever have a friend have something awesome happen for them that you wish happened to you? this book covers those sort of feelings…jealously, covetousness, envy. or spend ten minutes looking at Pinterest and realize your house, birthday parties, and hair are all just Trash compared to what everyone “else” is doing. basically, this book tells you to stop looking around at others and focus on what God has put on YOUR plate. i thought the personal stories were helpful, but the book probably could’ve said all it had to say in less pages. (i received a copy of this book for review)

You and Me Forever: marriage in light of eternity by Francis and Lisa Chan
This is the BEST book i have ever read on marriage, period, end of review! ok, i will review a little further than that–this is way more than your basic christian marriage book (which all say: communicate, have “relations”, communicate)–this is a book about being On Mission. it is like…the spiritual equivalent of a jillian michaels workout. bryan and i couldn’t read this and NOT jump into action, question how we do things, our attitudes, our goals as a family (maybe i’ll blog more on this later? it has definitely sparked some new actions and plans for us…). so read this book! and Not Just Wives–read it WITH your husband!

Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus by Karen Ehman
This is a great little book of short devotions–I typically read one in the morning, one during nap, whenever i needed a little refresher. some good truths for keeping christ at the center of your mothering.

Restless: because you were made for more by Jennie Allen
if you aren’t sure what God wants you to DO, read this book. its sort of a workbook–you look at your gifts, talents, life circumstances, etc, and pray and brainstorm how God might use all those things to further his Mission. going through this gave me some confidence in things that i want to do but haven’t been sure if i’m Equipped to do. Definitely recommend this one!

and with the kids, we’re reading through the Little House series (no need for review–it is timeless) and we also read Sarah Plain and Tall (Zu was especially enamored with this one).



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