homeschooling update!

Tuesday we began what will be my zuzu’s last few months of preschool-homeschool before moving on to kindergarten homeschool.  We’re following our little morning time routine that has grown throughout the past year or so. I’ve really been enjoying a charlotte mason type approach, and this list of what we do might sound like a lot but the lessons are short and fun, so I don’t think it gets too tiresome for the girls—and of course there’s snacks and playtime afterward.


  • Begin with doxology
  • Bible memory verse
  • Hymn for the month
  • FIAR (five in a row) book for the week
  • Spanish words/ phrases (this is very very brief)
  • Counting / simple addition with the abacus and number recognition
  • Themed crafting (this month we’re doing a creation notebook) or free paint / draw
  • Catechism (I went overboard on this one this month, so I’m scaling it back to some easier parts targeted at kids. My children were like “chief end of man??? What does this mean??”)
  • Picture study (I’m doing a different picture each month…suppose we could move faster but we don’t)
  • Nature study (right now our nature study is mostly from a little abeka science book that my mom gave me—it has been rainy and cold most the month)
  • Poetry (nursery rhymes. I was doing more contemporary poets but then realized that I was breezing right past all those great essential nursery rhymes!)
  • Phonics and letter/sound recognition

We’re planning on shifting to a year-round schedule this June, for kindergarten, so I decided to go ahead and plan everything over my December break. I want to use a little more curriculum to keep me on track—it can, believe it or not, get hard to keep up with what I teach from day to day while running after the littles! So here’s my plan:


  • Begin with doxology
  • Bible memory verse each moth
  • Hymn for the month
  • Literature: FIAR Vol. 2 mostly, but I’m breaking it up with some other book choices (in addition to nightly read-aloud chapter books)
  • Spanish: I’m working on phrases instead of just random words—I thought they might have more fun with it if they can Use it!
  • Math U See
  • Crafts: I’m not big on crafts, so I plan on just using FIAR and Exploring Nature for this + free painting and drawing
  • Catechism: I’m going to use a children’s catechism book for this
  • Picture study: using Usbourne
  • Nature study: Exploring Nature with Children (an ebook) + nature notebooks
  • Poetry: Nursery Rhymes (we’re going to work on memorization)
  • Reading/Phonics: All About Reading

also we’re going to do something for fun socializing, like a sport (if need be) or a co-op (if i can find something that works for us). this is our first *REAL* year homeschooling, and i’m really excited! I love teaching the girls and being home with them all day. we live in a pretty good school district and i know people who love sending their kids to the public school here, but right now bryan and i feel like God’s calling us to homeschool. we’re passionate about teaching everything from a biblical worldview and that just won’t happen in a public school (and private school? a little $$$ for a family with 3 kids!). as an educator, i also don’t really believe in the traditional 8-4 (or whatever) model of school–I think it was mostly made to provide childcare for working parents, not to facilitate learning, and if i’m able to stay home and love staying home and willing to educate them and love to educate them…why not? anyway, all that to say, its what we love for our family right now, but if you are doing something else, that’s cool too! i think God calls different families to different things.

also, sidenote, I’m super excited to teach Zuzu how to read—it’s an unbelievable honor to be able to give someone the gift of literacy! As a writer and avid reader, I feel like teaching her to read will be giving her a huge part of who I am and an entrance into a world I love.

If you homeschool, what are your plans this year? What are you excited about?


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