all the babies

i had some free time today (meaning the kids were worn out because i awesomely took them to the children’s museum By My Pregnant Self and i felt like using part of naptime to not be productive but to scroll pinterest…) and found out that having four kids is apparently an anomaly–there isn’t even anything on pinterest about it. Not Even. there was this one article about how having four is obviously not like you “don’t even notice it!” because it is hard not to notice another human being requiring daily feeding, changing, cuddling, and other life-giving activities. so that seemed pretty legit.

so i now assume that:

1) there is no advice for having your fourth, at least not from the interwebs
2) moms with four kids don’t have time to blog
3) many moms who have four go on to have five, six, seven…

not that we plan on that (though we aren’t making any promises). i don’t feel like this pregnancy has been especially different from the others, except that i’m so busy that i have to keep an app on my phone to remind me how many weeks i am (and it tells me what size fruit the baby is comparable to! cute!). and i’m also more tired, but having three kids ages 5 and under pretty much equals “tired” much of the time.

other things different with the fourth pregnancy: i’m likely not going to remember to do pregnancy updates (sorry baby #4) and i’m not taking belly pictures (you’re welcome, world) and if you are a girl your name *might* come from the girl-name-reject-list from your 3 sisters (just kidding, you’ll get something amazing) and you may have to sleep in a closet. well, actually you will sleep in the closet, but it is the master closet and very spacious and i’m cleaning all the clothes and junk out of it to make it cute.

i’m not especially worried about this pregnancy (but of course i pray for the baby’s health and safety all the time–God’s been good to bless us with healthy kids so far, and i’m greedily hoping for a 4th healthy baby). i feel pretty good because my hips haven’t started hurting yet, i know what to expect, labor doesn’t scare me, and i’ve got a game-plan for new baby survival mode (freezer meals are a big part of this plan).

and we are NOT just hoping for a boy, we just wanted another baby, babies are smelly and hard and fun.




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