Challenges of a Fourth Pregnancy

  1. No one cares that you are pregnant. (What, you, pregnant again? Must be February. )
  2. Especially not your other children (games like “jump on mommy” will keep going til I do more than wince when they pounce on me)
  3. Your husband has seen you have 3 other pregnancies and knows that you actually DON’T desperately need him to run out and get you whatever you are craving at midnight in the rain.
  4. The baby name list is getting shorter
  5. BUT it still might be your chance to use that one crazy one you thought your husband would never agree to
  6. All the newborn stuff is a lot less new the third go around
  7. You have to keep an APP on your phone to remember how far along you are
  8. You’re getting old and crickety and the hips just ain’t what they used to be
  9. You’re a lot more excited about Freezer Meal planning than nursery decorating
  10. Even though all you crave is a Big Mac, you know better than to actually eat one.


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