post-birth plan

in 6weeks, we’ll welcome our 4th baby girl into the family! this pregnancy has honestly been a breeze, the hardest aspect being keeping up with the other kids and my day-to-day responsibilities while being ridiculously pregnant (and of course it being SUMMER in the South).

i decided to completely forgo my birthplan this time around; instead i’m just going to “see how things go” and adjust accordingly (same for breastfeeding…and sleep training…and most things with this 4th baby). if i’ve learned anything from the previous three, it is that you can’t really plan how things are going to go, so it seems best to me to just communicate what i want with my husband (in case i’m not able to speak up myself at the moment), and just be vocal when i need to be. and also that i won’t tolerate bad nurses (you will be cast out. but i’ll do it in a nice way).

what i’m more bent on planning is my Post-Birth Plan. i think one of the best things that i did for myself, baby, and the family last time around was staying home for as long as i needed to, even though it was a little outside the cultural norm (8 weeks–but hey, it is what they did in Leviticus, so…biblical!). some mommas are ready to head to the chickfila with a two day old baby, but i am not. i’m introverted, and i need some time to process the whole “adding another human life to the family” thing.

and honestly it can be super lovely having 8 weeks of NO obligations, running around, errands , anything. just the girls playing, my reading aloud to them, quiet days at home. i get to rest and physically recover, the family gets to know the new baby, and we all can begin to re-calibrate to our new normal.

as a pretty self-driven type of person, this means putting down my to-do list during this time too. no worrying about meeting my personal writing deadlines during that time, or sticking to our homeschooling schedule, or fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans. ¬†i think my desire to be “productive” is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome in having a period of Rest.

having a newborn is tough, obviously, i know this!, but giving myself permission to “take time off”–from Everything–makes those first months a lot less daunting to me, sleepless nights and all.




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