baby D is 3 months old now and not sleeping through the night. its not the “not sleeping through the night” where they stay up and scream at you (baby J) or where they sit up and just look at you and smile (baby W), but its just waking up to eat 2x per night around midnightish and 3ish when clearly this baby is plumping up and has no need of it. with my other babies, i feel like i was a lot more on top of the not-sleeping–like, by 6 weeks i was coming up with strategies. not baby #4. its more like “what, 3 months old already? guess i am tired.” eh, strategies. by the time i figure it out, she’ll outgrow whatever this is (likely a reflux thing, i’m thinking). ultimately, i know that i have never had a baby NOT sleep through the night by 6mos old. so, halfway there?


last night i watched a tv show for the first time in 3 months. this wasn’t some sort of set aside tv fast, we have just been That busy. i haven’t thought about or used our tv for so long i feel like i need some sort of antiquated name for it, or something british, like “bryan, it is high time that we check something out from the library to watch on the telly, eh?”.  sometime next year, when the opportunity arises again, i’ll choose to watch Much Ado About Nothing instead of an episode of Flash: Season 3.


we might buy a new house. one that is in the same State and even the same Town in which we currently live. I think that second sentence will surprise our friends and family more than the first.

the house is fantastic. we were only looking at zillow because our current house has maladies and so we started to let our eyes stray a bit to other houses just to see if the grass was greener and then stumbled upon this old fixer-upper with room for gallons of children and a kitchen that already has painted cabinets so i would not need to paint them myself.

another perk: a field behind the house in which we could romp (should we jump the fence) (and should our neighbors not banish us from said field)

another perk: it costs less than our current house because it needs probably as much work as our current house secretly needed when we bought it


i thought this thanksgiving would be the very saddest of thanksgivings because of a certain family member abandoning us; however, the few thanksgivings before have been the saddest, with him there with us (and not there really). so this one turned out to be surprisingly happy. and i was reminded of how very much fun my side of the family is. and also that i do have a very wonderful family, even if it is not completely unbroken.


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