review of Reading People by Anne Bogel

-not Highly Sensitive
-Love Language: Quality Time, secondary is Acts of Service
-Ennaegram: type 5, The Investigator

now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about this book!

When I saw that Modern Mrs. Darcy had a book, of course I wanted to read it. if you aren’t familiar, her blog is THE book recommendation blog. if you don’t know what to read next, she does.

i only knew who the author was when i snatched this one off our library’s new release shelf. i was a little surprised by what the book is about–i assumed it would be a book of book recommendations based on your personality type (hint hint, Anne, your next book?!). instead it is a layperson (yet enthusiastic) romp through various personality assessing pop-psychology tests. all the guilty pleasure of a facebook quiz but with substance!

i love personality testing, so i zoomed through this book. Anne describes each of the tests well and lends a nice personal experience touch to it. a few critiques, though:

  1. was this really HER book to write? why couldn’t she have written a book that married this info with book recommendations? Anne–write this book please!
  2. the strengthfinder chapter–ugh. in order to take the quiz, you have to BUY another book and take the quiz online. no thanks!
  3. decide if this is a christian perspective or not. if it isn’t, cool. if it is, then you need to do a little more acknowledgment of the ability of christ to change people.

overall, i say its a must read and i want all my friends and family to read it so that i can read your personality profile and know how to deal with you! (this is what all INTJs want, by the way).


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