Stitchfix VS ThredUp: Further Adventures in Avoiding Shopping in an Actual Store

when i was pregnant, i tried out stitchfix for the first time. i loved every item in the box, and so i bought all of it! it was pricier than i usually pay for clothes (about $40 per item), but finding good maternity/postpartum clothes is difficult, so i figured it was worth it. when i got an email from stitchfix offering to waive the styling fee (how it works: you pay a $25 styling fee, and that amount of money is taken from your bill when you pay for which ever clothes you keep. you can return whatever you don’t like from the box), i thought i might try it out for postpartum. but i hated everything in the box. so they waived my fee again and i tried it again. and hated it again. and tried it again. and hated it again. and after that i was pretty tired of trying out different boxes. but i gave it one more go and loved everything they sent me (so much about stitchfix is getting the Right stylist). BUT everything was more expensive than last time and i didn’t feel like it was worth the money so i gave up on stitchfix.

the next time i needed clothes i went to our local Style Encore (like plato’s closet for not-teenagers), and got a few tops in exchange for some old tops, and liked that situation pretty well because 1. i spent no money 2. i got a great deal. the only problem with this is that i can’t take the kids with me without losing my mind AND it takes hours for me to try on lots of things and figure out what i want.

now, i’ve found the perfect marriage of stitchfix and style encore/thrifting: ThredUp!

how it works: you browse the clothes, order them, and they get sent to your door. browsing is easy (and addictive)–you can save your “filters” so that it only shows your sizes, your favorite brands, colors, etc. you can also shop by style–casual, boho, etc.

you can return what you don’t like and get your money back. these are *USED* clothes, unlike stitchfix, and you don’t have a stylist picking things for you, so you could end up with stuff that doesn’t work for you.

i, however, was super happy with what i got from my first thredup box:

IMG_3550[1]gap tunic

i probably should take pictures wearing this, since it looks sort of plain laid out. i love that i can wear leggings with it and still be covered. and there’s a little bit of gold in the plaid, which is shiney and pretty.

IMG_3547[1]express top

again, something drapey, soft, and long so i can wear it with leggings. #momstyle

IMG_3548[1]anthropologie top

this has a little bit of a flare, and a high-low cut, looks cute with actual jeans, like that you would wear in a public place. i really like the Moth brand anthropologie carries but i can’t afford it, usually, so i was excited about this one.



cute baby dress!

i can’t resist long sleeve cat dresses for babies.

another great thing for my budget: they have kids / babies clothes too. instead of fooling with those tedious consignment sales 2x yearly, where you have to tag and pin and hang, etc etc etc, and volunteer to get in early, so much work! you can just send in a bag of your kids castoffs and shop online for their new-to-them stuff.

you can also order a “clean out” kit. with these, you get a bag in the mail, load it up with clothes you don’t want anymore, mail it to Thredup (the bag is prepaid so you don’t pay postage), and you get store credit for whatever they take.

the price points are anywhere from $5 to $500, whatever you want to spend. they have lots of name brands, and often have sales. i had a code for 40% off, so i got all this for $30 total, which is waaaay cheap for gap, express, and anthro clothes! all of my items were like new.

overall, thredup is what i plan to use in the future when my clothes get all raggedy–with thredup i can avoid the dreaded “kid lost in the clothes rack” situation AND avoid over-spending. win-win!

(p.s. use my link and get $10 off your first order! and i get $10 too, so yay for both of us~)



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