so this is the new year

Spiritual: start keeping a 24-hour literal Sabbath. bryan and i both feel that this is an area we need to grow in as a family–and that it would be tremendously good for us!

Marriage: a monthly out-of-the-house date night! our schedule is really busy so we need to make time to get out without the kids.

Parenting:  grow in how i discipline, incorporating concepts learned from “Don’t Make Me Count to Three” (which really is using concepts from The BIBLE!).

Health: lose the baby weight and strengthen my back. since i’m pregnant every other year, this is a goal every other year. it takes a lot of work! i plan on doing a mix of things to achieve this–some running, workout videos, and yoga. the hardest thing is making TIME to do it.

Writing: write 40 poems for book #3. i’m about halfway done with it, and i’m excited to see it take shape. 40 is an ambitious goal for me–typically i only write 2 poems a month.

Readingthe Challies reading challenge . bryan and i are doing this together this year–we’re going to do the “obsessed” level and split it between us. i think this will be a fun thing to do as a couple.

Homeschool: find a good curriculum that i can use for both Z and J, since J will be starting kindergarten in the fall and Z will be moving up to 1st.

what are your resolutions this year?

(here are my resolutions from last year. i did ok–the monthly date night didn’t happen every month, and i gave up on running pretty much immediately, due to being pregnant and not wanting to move very fast. i also did not even attempt the challies challenge. so let’s hope this year i do a little better!)


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