Librarian inquisition

“so this is for June? Margaret Atwood…. on your four year olds account ? “ – that one snooty librarian

Alright, I admit it — when I hit my checkout limit, I use my kids accounts. If they don’t want this to happen , up my checkout limit.


  1. amykrohn says:

    whoa… I am so glad my library doesn’t have checkout limits! I would probably be doing the same thing.


  2. I feel for you –this happened to me last summer. Back in the days of paper tickets when I was a teenager, each branch library in my part of London only issued 5 tickets. So i joined 6 separate libraries…..


    1. Wow only 5 books??? Ours limits at 20– but I homeschool my four kids so their books alone max out our limit pretty easily

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      1. Do you pay for your library membership? Ours is free, so that maybe why the limit is lower.


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