less writing, more doing

we moved into the fixer-upper house last week. it has been the most drawn-out of moves–we put an offer on it in november, i packed and packed and packed, we moved in february after various and many fixes here and there. most of the fixes are fixed so here we are. boxes are piled up fantastically in the den, a back room where i don’t have to look at them, though a heavy one has taken up residence in the corner of the dining room where it can scold me with its oversized cardboard presence.

one time i wrote this one poem called “First night in a new house” (i think i was in college and newly married). we’ve since moved 6 times, so bryan proposed a revision that is a lot less pretty and meaningful:

First Night in a New House

I put my four children to bed
and I sleep.

Which is inaccurate anyway, because I never sleep (literally)(never.).



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