Why I don’t Simultaneously Submit Anymore, Even Though Journals Take 1,000 Years to Read My Work

About a month ago I made the decision to Stop sending out poems to more than one journal at a time. I probably should have made this decision a while ago, but after the third time of having a poem accepted at one journal and at another journal within a couple days of each other before I got around to sending out withdrawals, I figured that I had to start only sending to one place at a time.

As far as aggressively publishing goes, by the mountains of Kilimanjaro, send your poems out to more than one magazine at at time! This is especially great to do when you are an “emerging” (new) writer and haven’t had many publications yet. It is also great to do if you have a surplus of time on your hands.

However. Though I don’t at all get acceptances every time I send out a poem, I get them often enough that withdrawals have become a pain and feels like a lot of wasted work. It negates my entire reason for simultaneously submitting–since I have the poem packet ready and I’m sending out poems, why not send them out to 5 places? Because I might have to go back a week or two later and withdraw three of those submissions.

I’m also going to aim higher. I have certain journals I never send to because I assume they will never publish me–Poetry, The New Yorker, Paris Review. Even though the odds are slim, I don’t need to only send to magazines that have published me in the past (though I do think it is good to do that from time to time!). If I expand where I send my work, perhaps I can expand my reader base?

So do you simultaneously submit? Why or Why not?

1 thought on “Why I don’t Simultaneously Submit Anymore, Even Though Journals Take 1,000 Years to Read My Work”

  1. I did apply for several poetry competitions online at the very start however they turned out to be cons unfortunately. So much that one my wife and I both submitted “dud” emails to and both got accepted within hours. So never have and because of that reason (Hopefully!) also not been published by any. I write essentially for me and then for the people I hope get something from it, whatever that may be I’m intrigued by what they experiance. I must have read a couple of million (only mildy exagerating) articles & books on social media, gaining followers, promoting your writing before it’s published, self publishing vs traditional etc, etc. All I can say at the end of it is “that’s time I could have spent writing” as much as I love the thought that one day my autobiography will be in the hands of someone laughing and crying because of something I wrote, I find it’s better for me to just enjoy the ride of writing. Besides I recently (about four minutes ago as it happens…) checked out the highest paid self published autobiography authors and I’d want at least five times that amount… I’ll stick to writing for fun I think. 🙂 I’m a realist who often dreams, the only problem being I insist on waking up!



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