Manuscript #3 is a finalist for the Paraclete book prize! Of course I’ve since done an edit on it that makes me feel the new revised manuscript is so much stronger than the old manuscript and wish I could switch them out. But so it is with editing–you enter something, then figure out the ending that Should Have Been.

I’m excited though to see it getting semi-finalist/finalist anywhere–I only sent my work out to 4 open reading periods (for free) and 3 contests. In the world of submitting-poetry-manuscripts, that is pretty paltry.  So this means that the manuscript is at least close, very close.

So it is sometimes hard to explain the desire to get one of my manuscripts published because:

  1. I don’t really want people to read it. I only really like other poets to read it because I feel like they are the only ones that speak that kind of language…I don’t know why I feel that way. I guess I feel sort of exposed when someone who isn’t a poet reads it?
  2. I will not make any money or any fame from a poetry book. Not ever, ever, ever. If you are trying to publish poetry books to get rich and famous, this will never ever ever happen. EVER.

I guess the main reason I want to see it published is because it is finished. I’m done! And it looks unfinished in its loose-leaf printed out scribbled on draft. I’d like to see it all neatly bound and on the shelf.

I don’t self-publish because I sort of like the challenge of getting it published–if I can’t find a publisher, then maybe it isn’t ready for a publisher, and I need to keep working past the point that I thought I was done. I’ll certainly have a better book that way.

So fingers crossed Church Ladies catches an editors eye soon…though I’ll more than likely not tell you if it does.

5 thoughts on “finalist!”

  1. Yay!! Congratulations. I know what you mean about not wanting people to read your work except for other poets, except I feel the opposite. I want everyone who ISN’T a poet to read my work and no poets because I am so self-conscious about my poetry. 🙂 (I just found out I’m going to have a poem published for the very first time, and I’m equal parts excited and nervous about people reading it.)


  2. Congratulations! I’m just now catching up on your blog. Do you have a subscribe button anywhere that I’m missing?



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