joy of discovery

I miss the library. It’s been closed except for curbside pickup for the longest—and I am do grateful for curbside, but I miss the Joy of Discovery. Browsing the stacks and picking up whatever catches my eye.

Since we have been having to put everything on hold through the online catalog, I’ve mostly stuck to favorite authors / series for the girls and for myself checked out like a dozen books on a topic at a time (Poetry, grief, parenting, etc).

I think it would be cool if the library put together bags of 5-10 mystery books organized by theme, like a book emergency repair kit ( Read in case of a broken heart; read if lonely etc)

I like to read thematically and deep dive into topics so I would pretty much be proposing these for my own benefit but maybe a few others could like them too

2 thoughts on “joy of discovery”

  1. My library does book bundles. You can request any theme and they will pick 1-5 books for you (or your kids). Maybe your library has heard of similar programs? Might be worth asking a librarian.



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