My Jane Austen Odyssey: Northanger Abbey

(part 3 of a series- you can read part 1 Here and part 2 here)

Northanger Abbey is a parody of gothic romance so it has a tongue-in-cheek style of writing quite different than the other novels.

That said, after reading the dour and preachy Mansfield Park, some humor was refreshing! As were the characters and pacing- everything was a little brighter and moved a little faster.

Our heroine, Catherine, is neither too perfect nor too flawed and completely lovable due to her up front, earnest emotions. She is up for adventure, imaginative, charmingly naive and innocent.

Her love interest, Henry, has some of the best dialogue- he’s quirky and insightful, dryly witty. And who hasn’t known villains such as the vain fickle selfish Isabella, the bragging deceitful John?

I think this one would be great for a teen just starting out on Austen; though it isn’t truly representative of her style, it’s like her in a pared down minimalistic way that could ease the way into some of her novels with more intricate plots.

Next up… Persuasion!


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