The Mother Thrifter: a Review

I’ve had 6 babies in 10 years, gaining and losing 30lbs again and again and again (etc!). I have a little box for a few different sizes I move between-

  1. Just Pregnant
  2. Largely Pregnant
  3. Post Partum
  4. MidPostPartum
  5. Regular

This has worked well for me. As my body transitions, I don’t have to do any midnight Amazon shopping guessing at my size because I don’t fit in anything, and I’m crying on my closet floor.

Except this time, when I reached MidPostPartum, the clothes that fit my body were the clothes I wore in the CICU with Kit. Her breathing tube was clipped to those shirts, I sat for hours holding her in those jeans. They were the clothes I wore while I held my dying baby.

So no, they don’t fit. Or they aren’t fitting, rather.

Lucky me, I found Bethany! Her business The Mother Thrifter has vintage items online but also a stitchfix type of “seasonal box” (which is what I tried). Except it is so much better than stitchfix because all the items are thrifted (sustainable!), the fabrics are quality, the cost per item is less, and the box is far more personalized than stitchfix can even pretend to be. It was sort of like going thrifting with your stylish friend (except I didn’t have to take 5 kids to a store- also a plus!). I couldn’t believe how much time and care Bethany put into my box, and I loved knowing I was supporting a small, woman-owned business instead of a mega-corporation.

I told her I was going for a Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail, and here is what she found:

While there were a few pieces that didn’t fit me right, overall I could not be happier with the coordinating look it all had, right down to the color scheme.

You can check out what she has up for sale right now at The Mother Thrifter (she changes up her collection pretty often) OR try one of her boxes, seasonal, monthly, mini. I wasn’t paid or compensated for this review– I sincerely loved working with Bethany and will absolutely buy from her again!

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