Keeping a submission schedule

I don’t have a lot of time to send out submissions, and sometimes it feels easier to just Not send them out. However, it is also nice to get an acceptance now and then, to know that all the writing I’m doing won’t go completely unread. Hence the necessary evil of submitting my work.

The easiest way that I have found to consistently (and relentlessly) have a body of work out for submission is to keep a schedule.

My typical monthly schedule looks like:

  • 5 literary magazine subs
  • 1 manuscript sub
  • 5 agent subs

This of course depends on what I actually have to send out (right now I’m only sending out poetry subs). At the beginning of the year, I write in my dayplanner some items on my to-do list that I like to accomplish monthly, and I go ahead and add all of these to the beginning of each month.

If I come to a month where I just don’t have a novel / poetry manuscript to send out, I go ahead and cross off that item (let’s be serious–there are always poems to send out).

I usually take an hour one of the first days of the month and send these out. I’m sure there are poets who send out quite a bit more at a time and some who do less, but I find 5 to be a pretty manageable number when I’m just having to do that once a month.

Of course, once again, you do you. Maybe you want to do something crazy like 100 submissions in 100 days. I think that sounds like a fun challenge–submit it up!–whatever you choose to do, I think it is good to go about it in a professional, organized way.


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