Update on Writing Goals

In December I posted my writing goals for the year, and I thought it’d be useful to give a quarterly update to see how I’m making progress:

Weekly goals:
– write everyday for 5 minutes a day [ doing this most days! ]
– once a week sit down to look at submitting poems/ blogging / promoting books [this has been more like 1x a month—I think that once a week is not realistic for me. ]

Monthly goals:
– write two poems per month [ 4 poems in January, 5 in February, none so far in March ]
– write at least two blogposts per month [ 4 each month so far ]
– submit poems to 5 magazines per month [ check check check ]
– do at least 2 promotional things a month (contacting reviewers, guest-posting, sending books to published book contests, readings, etc) [ I sent out my manuscript WOB to 3 contests in January ]

Seasonal Goals:
Spring: promote Church Ladies
Summer: promote Silas Miller
Fall: revise WOB poetry collection [ did this ]
Winter: revise MS middle grade novel [ working on this ]

Year-end Goal:
submit my 4th poetry manuscript to at least 2 publishers [ done! ]
– complete 24 poems toward a new collection
– edit my other middle grade novel I wrote summer 2021 [ working very hard on this! ]

I’ve been very productive with my writing this spring so far. I will do more with promoting my books once they are out, but since neither is released yet, I think that I’m in an ok position. I did a reading in Nashville earlier this month that of course promotes my work, so maybe that counts! One goal I’d like to add is trying to find an agent once I finish my new middle grade novel.


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