Boston: Part 1

Our vacation to Boston was really the most wonderful vacation I have ever had (besides my honeymoon!). It was so refreshing to get away from our regular lives and jobs and to be back in the big city again! We flew in Friday night (and almost didn’t get there, since our flight to Atlanta was an hour late, almost causing us to miss our connection! The Atlanta airport is the worst!!), and had dinner with Amanda at Margaritas (no, we didn’t have margaritas, just yummy Mexican food). Saturday we walked all around Boston with Brad and Amanda.

Bryan had never gotten to visit the North End while we were living in Boston, so we made sure to go there first. The North End is the place to go if you want some great Italian–we didn’t get a canoli from Mike’s Pastry this time, but we did get some great gelato!

While we were there, we stopped by Paul Revere’s house, then headed down to Fenuil Hall, Bryan and my most favorite part of the city. Fenuil is always particularly exciting on Saturdays, flooded with people and street performers.

I can’t believe we never realized this while we were living in Boston, but the ocean is just Right behind Fenuil hall, a short walk past the carousel! Bryan and I fell in love with that little harbor park and went back to sit by the ocean on Tuesday of our trip.

For lunch we stopped by the Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in Boston! The place was crazy packed, but the food was great! Bryan tried Clam Chowder for the first time (and loved it, and we sat just a few booths over from John F. Kennedy’s regular booth!

It was a busy but great way to kick off our vacation in Boston…which I’ll write more about later!

a weekend at the lake

me & LP at the crackerbarrel

me & Bryan at the house

Bryan and I had a great weekend visiting with friends and family! Friday, after work, we drove to TN, stopping by Heather&Tyson’s on the way for some delicious chili & dairyqueen, then went on to Memphis (and stayed up talking about demons and telling personal ghost stories with my sisters & Chase–bad idea, i don’t think any of us slept that night, haha). Saturday we got up early to head to Pickwick Lake with my family, the Marts, Chase and David. It was So hot–105 degrees, record temperatures!–but the water felt great and none of us got burnt (SPF 90 is my friend). I didn’t get a lot of pictures–I opted to leave my camera at the house rather than bring it to the lake, which turns out was the best choice since pretty much everything was soaked by the end of the day. It was, like always, really great to hang out with my sisters again. Of course, totally unfair how they’ve both ended up so tall, tan, and beautiful, next to my short pale self. At the lake they were like “you’re white as a vampire….but that’s ok, since vampires are in right now.” and I was voted “whitest person on the boat” with David coming in second, Bryan a close third. Anyways, Sunday we had lunch with Gramma&Granpa at the Crackerbarrel, saw Inception with the rest of the family (great movie!), then headed home. We didn’t get in until midnight, so I’m seriously needing some caffeine right now. Luckily, my workplace should be pretty quiet (as usual) the next few days, so a half-asleep-monday won’t hurt.


I just got back from my business trip to Georgia. The Atlanta airport is so terrible–I got crazy lost when I arrived on Wednesday night, then got to the hotel and crashed. The hotel room was really nice–a kitchen at least twice as big as the kitchen in my apartment and a little office area. Thursday was busy, training all day. the training wasn’t as helpful as I’d hoped, but it was good to meet the people I work with via email so often.I missed Bryan so much while I was gone (and I never really sleep without him there) so its really nice to be back home with my honey for the weekend.