baby diana is due in a week and, if i progress at the rate i’m currently progressing, i’m due to go Overdue, just like i did with my past two babies. before you post advice on how to “naturally induce labor”, let me tell you that June was 8 days late and did not come despite my complete adherence to EVERYTHING pinterest suggested. here’s a few favorites:

Labor Cake (or cupcakes/cookies/etc): obviously, a very pregnant woman came up with this. “hey, I NEED to eat this cake, it will make the baby come!”

Intimate Relations: obviously, a very pregnant woman’s husband came up with this one? like the cake, this might be fun, but never really got things going labor-wise for me

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea: drank a couple gallons, no help at all.

Pineapple: ate an entire pineapple, no help.

Exercise: walked as much as I could handle, just made me tired.

Spicy Foods: make me vomit when i’m pregnant, so i did try those but it wasn’t useful.

Castor Oil: I tried this twice. the first time i threw it up, the second time i threw it up the second it was in my mouth. i think this Could possibly work if I had kept on vomiting, since i DID go into labor with my 3rd born when I was 3 days late and vomiting constantly for hours due to a stomach virus.

More on the Stomach Virus: this might possibly be a natural way to induce labor, but I don’t recommend it–it left me dehydrated, still sort of sick, and very tired AND I gave it to ALL of my family who was there to help me, including my other children. fun times.


i’m going to just say it: I do not believe that there is any way to naturally induce labor (except for a stomach virus, see “castor oil”). if your baby comes after you try xyz, then your baby was just going to come anyway.

so, wiser, older, pregnant and likely to go overdue with my 4th baby, i’ve decided that i will forego any attempts to MAKE her come and instead rest, relax, and practice some patience.

my ideal day

100_8694Wake up at 5, get ready for the day, devotional, writing, reading time

Breakfast with family around 6:30

Walk around the block (maybe squeeze that in before breakfast sometimes?)

Around 7ish, when b leaves for work, doing our homeschool lesson for the day

Outside play time

Snack around 9

Outside play or daily outing (library story time, church play group, etc)

Lunch at 11

Nap at 12 for the girls, while I catch up on work and chores

Around 2, a snack

Outside play time  or outing

More homeschool from what we didn’t finish earlier

4ish, when b comes home, having a little time to myself to go read/ regroup/ enjoy some quiet time

Family walk

Family dinner around 5:30 / 6


Bed for girls at 8

Catch up on work / chores

Relax with the hubby

Bed at 10


My day rarely goes exactly like this and I know having baby #3 will make this even More rare. I’ve had quiet an uncommon few of these days lately though, and I’ve appreciated them more than I would have, since I know they are fleeting and I’ve only recently acquired them since our schedule was so different when living in Georgia.

Some of the changes that have made this rhythm so much better for our family are that bryan and I are on the same schedule, our yard is more conducive for outdoor play so the girls get to be outside more, and I’ve started waking up before the girls wake up so that I can have (much-needed introvert) time to myself.

Previously, my mornings consisted of  waking up when I heard the girls call me, doing my best to hush the girls while b slept in from working his night shift, then rushing off to work, then rushing home to cook lunch. B and I had naptimes alone together, but shortly after the girls woke up from nap, he’d have to leave for work again.

Every now and then I’d have someone comment on how nice it must be to have b home during the day and I always agree yes, yes it is, because there were some positives—being able to go out when no other families were off work was nice—but overall the opposite schedule was not idea.

when we knew baby #3 was on her way, bringing along with her the inevitable collapse of our girls precious two-hour daily coordinated naptime, things had to change. And they did! Though I didn’t even think it possible, God provided a better rhythm for our family, and I’m grateful for it.