all the babies

i had some free time today (meaning the kids were worn out because i awesomely took them to the children’s museum By My Pregnant Self and i felt like using part of naptime to not be productive but to scroll pinterest…) and found out that having four kids is apparently an anomaly–there isn’t even anything on pinterest about it. Not Even. there was this one article about how having four is obviously not like you “don’t even notice it!” because it is hard not to notice another human being requiring daily feeding, changing, cuddling, and other life-giving activities. so that seemed pretty legit.

so i now assume that:

1) there is no advice for having your fourth, at least not from the interwebs
2) moms with four kids don’t have time to blog
3) many moms who have four go on to have five, six, seven…

not that we plan on that (though we aren’t making any promises). i don’t feel like this pregnancy has been especially different from the others, except that i’m so busy that i have to keep an app on my phone to remind me how many weeks i am (and it tells me what size fruit the baby is comparable to! cute!). and i’m also more tired, but having three kids ages 5 and under pretty much equals “tired” much of the time.

other things different with the fourth pregnancy: i’m likely not going to remember to do pregnancy updates (sorry baby #4) and i’m not taking belly pictures (you’re welcome, world) and if you are a girl your name *might* come from the girl-name-reject-list from your 3 sisters (just kidding, you’ll get something amazing) and you may have to sleep in a closet. well, actually you will sleep in the closet, but it is the master closet and very spacious and i’m cleaning all the clothes and junk out of it to make it cute.

i’m not especially worried about this pregnancy (but of course i pray for the baby’s health and safety all the time–God’s been good to bless us with healthy kids so far, and i’m greedily hoping for a 4th healthy baby). i feel pretty good because my hips haven’t started hurting yet, i know what to expect, labor doesn’t scare me, and i’ve got a game-plan for new baby survival mode (freezer meals are a big part of this plan).

and we are NOT just hoping for a boy, we just wanted another baby, babies are smelly and hard and fun.



36 weeks!

36 weeks, with kids hitting each other in the background

Baby size?  honeydew! though its hard to believe she isn’t bigger than that

Sleep? I wake up every two or three hours, I’m very restless

Foods I am loving? Watermelon, greek yogurt, cherries

Foods I am hating? nothing in particular, just watching out for heartburn-causing foods

Best moment this week?  we’ve had an overall pleasant week–i kept things pretty quiet and simple, just outdoor play (when it wasn’t too overly hot) and lots of reading and imagination time.

Movement? More than either of my other two girls! It looks like there’s an alien or parasite inside of me, its crazy how hard she kicks and moves around in there. She’s a strong baby!

Symptoms? Heartburn, hip-pain, sometimes short on breath

What I miss? Wearing normal-people clothes, not feeling so conspicuous and huge, being able to keep up with my daughters a little easier, being able to sleep on my stomach.

What I’m looking forward to? Having this baby! I can’t wait to introduce her to her sisters—I hope that they love her and that we can transition well to a family of 5.

Emotions:  a couple of weeks ago I woke up around 3 in the morning thinking of all the things I still needed to do to get ready. I like to have an organized little “Baby station” in my room since the baby will stay in her bassinet beside my bed for at least the first couple months, and I hadn’t set that up. I haven’t yet packed a hospital bag and i still have a few freezer meals i’d still like to make, but, with a month (or more…hopefully not more..) left, i’m sure i’ll get to it. There’s no feeling of Deadline like a Due-date.

29 weeks!

(I almost labeled this post “28 weeks” because I forgot how far along I am, ha!)

Baby size: about the size of a butternut squash, or so the internet tells me

Sleep: pretty good, aside from when zu or june wakes me up–i’ve been worn out lately with all the settling-in after the move

Foods I am loving: salad, fish, mostly healthy stuff–except i can’t stop craving chocolate poptarts, the worst thing anyone could possibly eat! do they even qualify as food?

Foods I am hating: anything that especially causes heartburn since i have heartburn all the time anyway

Best moment this week:  getting the house finally put together. it was good to empty out that last box, hang the last picture on the wall, put up curtains. now the house feels like Ours–can’t wait to start making happy memories there

Movement: yes, she’s very active, especially at night! zu likes to feel wendy moving around–she tells me that wendy kicks because she loves her big sister =)
Symptoms: this pregnancy has been the worst for hip-pain (i hear it gets worse each pregnancy?? hopefully not). i had a few days where i felt bad because i did too much the day before–its hard not to overdo it when there is so much to be done!

What I’m looking forward to: sitting around the breakfast table and seeing 3 pretty little girls smiling back at me

11109568_10205803266352724_5000626611456356618_n (1)Emotions: sometimes i start to feel a little anxious about bryan’s job search, so i have to be careful not to let my emotions get out of control. i also am a little self-conscious about my very extremely pregnant belly right now–which is probably why i keep forgetting to take “belly pictures” (they just don’t seem quite as “cute” with the 3rd baby, hummm…..). but here’s a picture from my sister’s wedding last week (*hint*: a bouquet has to be a lot more substantial to cover 3rd trimester baby-belly…)