bryan and i had our weekend away for our babymoon/my birthday present, and it was wonderful! it was the longest i have ever been away from zu since she was conceived–a day and a half–and i was missing her so much by sunday morning. but i think bryan and i need to do a little getaway like this at least once a year, maybe more.we didn’t make big plans; we’ve been to chattanooga quite a few times and know what we like to do there, so we mainly spent time at the hotel and wandering downtown. it was great to have time with no responsibilities, just focused on each other. here’s a few pictures from our trip~

our hotel

we got roomservice for the first time ever! yum!

so much poetry! i love mckays!

five guys for lunch!

a weekend trip

this weekend bryan and i decided to take an impromptu trip with little zu! i hardly ever do things like this without any sort of planning (months of planning really) so it was out of character but very much worth it, we had so much fun! lauren drove down from college to go to the aquarium with us on saturday–zu was worn out by that point (she did.not.nap) but still oohed and oh-wowed at the big fish (and she loved the penguins!). it was great to get away for just a little bit!

chattanooga choo choo hotel
downtown chatty with my man and my baby
upside down jellyfish–beautiful!
my sis came!
giggles at rembrandt’s!

pregnancy hormones

yesterday pregnancy hormones hit full-force.

i was exhausted, couldn’tkeepmyeyesopen tired, and bryan left for work early, so it was just me and zu. somehow i made it through the rest of the afternoon, but by the time she went to bed, i had a pounding headache and couldn’t stop thinking about ritz crackers and cream cheese; so i then ate a whole thing of ritz crackers and cream cheese (and immediately threw it up) then watched Hope Floats for the first time, thinking it was a romantic comedy. i ended up sobbing uncontrollably (that part where the dad leaves his daughter and she’s crying? oh my goodness) and threw up some more. it was a really bad night.

then i moved my regular bedtime up to grandma time– 9:30pm–and i’ve felt pretty good sense.

i’ve also cut out sweets (and creamcheese and anything that tastes sweet, like fruit) from my diet entirely–last time that was what made me throw up most the time.